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Every buyer is different, and so are their wants and needs. A client who is a first-time homebuyer has entirely different needs compared to a client that is a buyer relocating from out of state who must close on an existing home to purchase a new one.

No matter the season, the real estate transaction process can come packaged with stress. Here at The Sly Team, we provide our clients with the highest real estate representation and advocacy level that makes the home-buying experience stress-free and rewarding. Leveraging our years of experience navigating the realty market in Atlanta, we help our clients throughout each aspect of the real estate transaction process from pre-approval to close. Through our agency partners and resources, not only do we streamline the real estate transaction process, but we also actively educate our buyers as it relates to programs, grants, and closing costs needed to facilitate the transaction.

Before signing a contract, we ensure that our buyer understands that a contract is binding, and in order to close, all parties have a responsibility throughout the real estate transaction process. At The Sly Team, we understand that buyers may be first-time buyers, first-generation homeowners, relocating buyers, and so on. Therefore, we ethically tailor our customer service approach according to the needs of our clients. Such an approach has led us to repeatedly take our clients who were denied a home loan to approved within just a few months.

With us being in the business of service, we pride ourselves on being well-rounded in all aspects of the real estate transaction process to better advocate for our clients. At The Sly Team, we know that denied home loans can be reversed for many reasons; therefore, we develop an ethical plan of action for our clients who have experienced a denied home loan to get them to the approved home loan side. For example, we may have a client whose high student loan debt is getting them denied; therefore, we develop a plan of action that restructures our client’s high student loan debt to provide our client with student loan repayment options certain home loan types prefer to get approved.

At The Sly Team, we move in service and purpose. We help all of our buyers to be able to take their dreams into their new home.

Down Payment Assistance

The real estate market is forever changing, yet even in time with record-low mortgage interest rates, there is still a vast disparity in homeownership across racial lines. Affordable housing is viewed as a significant fix to such homeownership disparity. The big picture of affordable housing is frequently met with a substantial focus on the home’s price point. Such a considerable focus can result in an overlook of solutions that could result in a more effective version of the current affordable housing market.

At The Sly Team, our experience has led us to conclude that such a disparity would be better solved if there was a more homogeneous approach to the current affordable housing market. The challenges that impact the homeownership disparity we see in the existing affordable housing market does not solely come from the home’s price point. The majority of minority homebuyers in the affordable housing market can afford to pay their mortgage but struggle with the down payment and additional funds needed with closing costs to become a homeowner.

As a team that prides itself on providing the highest level of real estate representation and advocacy, the human element of abridging such homeownership disparity is a calling, this is not lost upon us. When we operate in the real estate market, we do so with a level of purpose. As part of our sales process, we are dedicated to identifying funding sources that can increase homeownership opportunities in the real estate market, especially for people who did not think they could afford to buy a home. We have built relationships in the real estate market that allow the communities we represent to have convenient access to information and available opportunities that aid in homeownership.

We make it our business to actively help buyers find financial opportunities that aid in home buying available for them, their income limit, and their zip code. We currently know that through the Atlanta Housing Authority (AHA), Invest Atlanta, and various non-profits, there is as much as $40,000 in Down Payment Assistance (DPA) available for potential homebuyers interested in Southtown at Browns Mill Village. These programs available for potential homebuyers interested in Southtown at Browns Mill Village can be used to reduce the actual loan amount financed for the potential homebuyer, aid in down payment assistance for the potential homebuyer, and assist in closing costs for the potential homebuyer.

At The Sly Team, we are a source and resource for the communities we represent.

Seamless Transaction

At The Sly Team, we are on a mission to provide our clients with the highest real estate representation and advocacy level. We take pride in our earned reputation as an industry leader.

No matter if our client is a buyer, seller, or investor, we make it our business to be a source and a resource for our client. In every aspect of the real estate transaction process, we remain a team that is resourceful, seamless, and confident in the understanding of the needs of all parties involved.

We actively utilize technology that keeps our team real estate savvy. The technology we utilize collects data that helps our builder partnerships understand potential homebuyers’ needs on a consumer-based level. We also use technology that simplifies the process of homebuying for potential buyers.

Each neighborhood The Sly Team is over is equipped with an electronic client portal that captures data like the demographics and income level of potential homebuyers. The portal also comes equipped with questions that gauge a potential homebuyer’s cosmetic interests, coupled with questions that allow our team to estimate a timeline for the purchase of a home.

At The Sly Team, we ask the right questions upfront. Starting with the right questions puts our team in a position to provide real estate representation and advocacy that best serves our clients. Such a process allows our team to upfront solidify an understanding of the homebuyer’s needs. Furthermore, the process helps our builder partnerships keep the right home in production that better serves consumers’ needs. By The Sly Team, staying aware and ahead of potential challenges within the real estate transaction process, we facilitate builder partnerships with a comfort level that allows them to focus on building an amazing house for potential homebuyers to call home.

Given the current affordable housing market in Atlanta, alongside having such a large social media platform coupled with access to the local and national press, our team will supply an influx of potential homebuyers. Thus, our team leader has made it a point to have a waiting list of potential home buyers interested in the affordable homes coming to the Atlanta area located at Southtown at Browns Mill Village. We aim to ensure that the homes at the Southtown at Browns Mill Village are sold based upon the average days on the market with little to no hiccups.

Overall, through our client engagement and data mining, The Sly Team will provide a home-buying experience that is confidently seamless, stress-free, and rewarding.

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